Preparing Your Home for an Open House

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We had the privilege of being interviewed by Book Launch PR about open houses. We were asked questions, such as “Do you recommend open houses to your clients?” “In an open house, what is the agent’s responsibility vs. the homeowner’s responsibility?” and much more.

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Author: Suzie Wilson

Selling Your Home? Here’s How to Prep for an Open House

You’ve likely seen a sign or two as you were driving that advertised an open house, and if you’ve been to one, chances are you noticed the hard work that went into it. The house was spotless and free of clutter, the exterior was inviting, and the smell of fresh baked cookies was enough to make you want to put in an offer right then and there.

Open houses are common, and realtors recommend them – just ask REALTOR® & Team Lead, Matthew Pivec of The Pivec Group.

We recommend open houses for properties that are on, or off of, a main street that will enable us to attract attention through signage,” Pivec said. “It’s part of our pre-listing plan to create suspense and excitement for potential buyers to, hopefully, sell the property that weekend.

Selling a home fast is every seller’s dream, and by adequately preparing for the open house, your chances of doing so are great.

Seal the Deal with a First Impressiongarden

“First impressions matter” – it’s a saying that has been ingrained into our brains and continues to hold true, even for your home. When a buyer pulls up in front of your home, they come in with a clean slate, having never viewed your home before. If the siding is in major need of repainting and the weeds are so bad that the flowers you planted don’t stand a chance, things aren’t starting off on the right foot. It’s worth the effort to improve and/or create curb appeal, and it’s actually quite easy.

A coat of paint on the front door, shutters, mailbox, and house numbers can breathe new life into your home, as will a good exterior scrub down. Crank up the lawn mower and remove all the weeds to make room for landscaping. It might be tempting to head to the nearest garden center and pick up a few flowers for instant color, but pay attention to what you are planting. The best and most efficient curb appeal will have a mix of flowers, trees, and shrubs that thrive all year long.

Pack Up Your Stuff

moving boxWhen you first moved in, the clutter was kept to a minimum, but as the months and years have passed, you’ve accumulated a lot of stuff. While you probably wouldn’t refer to your cherished items as “clutter,” a buyer would. According to Pivec, your job is make your home ready for the showing, which includes “emptying trash cans, decluttering countertops, removing personal photos and magnets from the refrigerator,” Pivec said.

As weird as that last one sounds, potential buyers want to envision their life in the new home. It can be hard to do when there are kids photos and wedding photos hanging around the house, he continued.

To help with the decluttering process and prevent yourself from becoming overwhelmed, follow the F.A.S.T. method.

  • Fix a time: Choose a day and time to declutter that works for everyone. Mark it down on your calendar if you have to.
  • Anything not used in the past year: If you haven’t used something in a year, chances are you don’t need it. Let go of the items that are taking up space, as opposed to serving a purpose.
  • Someone else’s items: It makes sense that anything that isn’t yours needs to go back to the rightful owner so that you can avoid being a storage unit.
  • Trash: Garbage has a way of piling up, whether it is wrappers, old magazines, or broken items you keep telling yourself you’re going to fix.

Do Your Part

Both the agent and the homeowner have certain expectations they must meet when preparing to show a home, and Pivec explains it perfectly.

“I believe the agents responsibility is to get people there – to bring as many people through the home as possible,” while also answering questions, gathering feedback, and providing refreshments. “The homeowner’s responsibility is to make sure the house is clean and ready to show,” Pivec said.

Neglecting to spruce up the exterior of your home, declutter, and clean is doing a disservice to yourself. The goal is to sell your home, and your effort is a part of the equation too.


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