Parkville Bowling Alley – Duckpin Bowling Lanes Getting a Facelift

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Parkville Bowling Alley – Duckpin Bowling Resurrected

“Resurrected from certain death, Parkville Lanes is back!” says the bowling alley’s Facebook page.

The Parkville Bowling Alley closed last year, and was bought a 6 months ago by a group of friends. These friends are avid duckpin bowlers who would compete in tournaments at Parkville lanes. They didn’t want to see another duckpin bowling alley close, so they decided to give it a face lift to keep it alive.

The 22,000 square foot bowling alley has been undergoing a re-do for months. Come next week, the bowling alley is planning on opening with a push of Saturday night “Rock n’ Bowls.” The new look includes 26 lanes with vistas of the Baltimore skyline and the Maryland flag, new snack bar & seating areas.

The new owners of Parkville Bowling Lanes are trying to attract a younger crowd. Hopefully, with the renovation and marketing efforts, this community favorite can stay alive for years to come!


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