Showing Tips

How to stage your home to SELL!


  • Make beds and clean up dishes
  • Empty wastebaskets
  • Turn off televisions and play soft music
  • Put away clothing
  • Display show towels in bathrooms
  • Freshen the air with cinnamon or vanilla
  • Open drapes and shades
  • Turn on lights
  • Make sure pet areas are clean and odor-free
  • Empty litter boxes
  • Make a fire in the fireplace
  • Make sure the kitchen is clean
  • Pick up toys and clutter
  • Add sanitizers to toilet bowls and keep lids down


  • During showings, try to leave the property
  • Silence is golden if you are present for the showing
  • Always put away your valuable items
  • Be flexible in the scheduling of showings
  • Set a comfortable temperature on the thermostat
  • Fresh flowers are a nice touch
  • Make sure all pets are confined to a safe and out-of-the-way place
  • Only show the home when a Sales Professional is present
  • Make sure all outside trash is contained in covered bins
  • Maintain the property in ready-to-show condition
  • Showcase your home as if you are receiving guests.


  • Keep the lawn trimmed and edged
  • Weed flower gardens
  • Pick up debris, toys and lawn equipment
  • Tidy up after pets
  • Park vehicles in the garage or on the street
  • Add color with flowers and potted plants
  • Turn on outside lighting after dark