Marketing Factors

How long does it take to sell a home?

There is no easy answer – some homes sell in a few days, others may take longer. Recognizing the key factors influencing a sale can give you significant control over market time.

The proper balance of these factors will expedite your sale:


  • Location is the single greatest factor affecting value.
  • Neighborhood desirability is fundamental to a property’s fair market value


  • Buyers compare your property against competing properties.
  • Buyers interpret value based on available properties.


  • The real estate market may reflect a seller’s market or a buyer’s market
  • Market conditions cannot be manipulated; an individually tailored marketing plan must be developed accordingly.


  • Property Condition affects price and speed of a sale.
  • Optimizing physical appearances and advance preparations for marketing maximizes value.


  • The more flexible the financing, the broader the market, the quicker the sale, and the higher price.
  • Terms structured to meet your objectives are important to successful marketing.


  • If the property is not properly priced, a sale may be delayed or even prevented.
  • Matthew Pivec’s comprehensive market study will assist you in determining the best possible price