Baltimore Orioles 2018 Schedule

Orioles 2018 Schedule
Photo: Oriole Park at Camden Yards by Keith Allison (CC BY-SA 2.0)

The 2018 schedule has been released!

Opening Day set for Thursday, March 29 at Camden Yards against the Minnesota Twins. The Orioles home schedule will also consist of four games played on national holidays including Easter (April 1 vs. Minnesota), Mother’s Day (May 13 vs. Tampa Bay), Memorial Day (May 28 vs. Washington), and Father’s Day (June 17 vs. Miami). The Oriole’s play 15 home games in the month of June – their busiest month at Camden Yards.

Printable Schedule

Get a printable version of the 2018 schedule here —> Orioles 2018 Baseball Schedule

Orioles’ Top Moments in 2017

Orioles 2018 Game-by-Game Schedule


Thursday, March 29th – Minnesota Twins

Saturday, March 31st – Minnesota Twins

Sunday, April 1st – Minnesota Twins

Monday, April 2nd – Houston Astros

Tuesday, April 3rd – Houston Astros

Wednesday, April 4th – Houston Astros

Thursday, April 5th- New York Yankees

Friday, April 6th – New York Yankees

Saturday, April 7th – New York Yankees

Sunday, April 8th – New York Yankees

Monday, April 9th – Toronto Blue Jays

Tuesday, April 10th – Toronto Blue Jays

Wednesday, April 11th – Toronto Blue Jays

Friday, April 13th – Boston Red Sox

Saturday, April 14th – Boston Red Sox

Sunday, April 15th – Boston Red Sox

Monday, April 16th – Boston Red Sox

Tuesday, April 17th – Detroit Tigers

Wednesday, April 18th – Detroit Tigers

Thursday, April 19th – Detroit Tigers

Friday, April 20th – Cleveland Indians

Saturday, April 21st – Cleveland Indians

Sunday, April 22nd – Cleveland Indians

Monday, April 23rd – Cleveland Indians

Tuesday, April 24th – Tampa Bay Rays

Wednesday, April 25th – Tampa Bay Rays

Thursday, April 26th – Tampa Bay Rays

Friday, April 27th – Detroit Tigers

Saturday, April 28th – Detroit Tigers

Sunday, April 29th – Detroit Tigers


Tuesday, May 1st – Los Angeles Angels

Wednesday, May 2nd – Los Angeles Angels

Thursday, May 3rd – Los Angeles Angels

Friday, May 4th – Oakland Athletics

Saturday, May 5th – Oakland Athletics

Sunday, May 6th – Oakland Athletics

Tuesday, May 8th – Kansas City Royals

Wednesday, May 9th – Kansas City Royals

Thursday, May 10th – Kansas City Royals

Friday, May 11th – Tampa Bay Rays

Saturday, May 12th – Tampa Bay Rays

Sunday, May 13th – Tampa Bay Rays

Tuesday, May 15th – Philadelphia Phillies

Wednesday, May 16th – Philadelphia Phillies

Friday, May 18th – Boston Red Sox

Saturday, May 19th – Boston Red Sox

Sunday, May 20th – Boston Red Sox

Monday, May 21st – Chicago White Sox

Tuesday, May 22nd – Chicago White Sox

Wednesday, May 23rd – Chicago White Sox

Thursday, May 24th – Chicago White Sox

Friday, May 25th – Tampa Bay Rays

Saturday, May 26th – Tampa Bay Rays

Sunday, May 27th – Tampa Bay Rays

Monday, May 28th – Washington Nationals

Tuesday, May 29th – Washington Nationals

Wednesday, May 30th – Washington Nationals

Thursday, May 31st – New York Yankees


Friday, June 1st – New York Yankees

Saturday, June 2nd – New York Yankees

Sunday, June 3rd – New York Yankees

Tuesday, June 5th – New York Mets

Wednesday, June 6th – New York Mets

Thursday, June 7th – Toronto Blue Jays

Friday, June 8th – Toronto Blue Jays

Saturday, June 9th – Toronto Blue Jays

Sunday, June 10th – Toronto Blue Jays

Monday, June 11th – Boston Red Sox

Tuesday, June 12th – Boston Red Sox

Wednesday, June 13th – Boston Red Sox

Friday, June 15th – Miami Marlins

Saturday, June 16th – Miami Marlins

Sunday, June 17th – Miami Marlins

Tuesday, June 19th – Washington Nationals

Wednesday, June 20th – Washington Nationals

Thursday, June 21st – Washington Nationals

Friday, June 22nd – Atlanta Braves

Saturday, June 23rd – Atlanta Braves

Sunday, June 24th – Atlanta Braves

Monday, June 25th – Seattle Mariners

Tuesday, June 26th – Seattle Mariners

Wednesday, June 27th – Seattle Mariners

Thursday, June 28th – Seattle Mariners

Friday, June 29th – Los Angeles Angels

Saturday, June 30th – Los Angeles Angels


Sunday, July 1st – Los Angeles Angels

Tuesday, July 3rd – Philadelphia Phillies

Wednesday, July 4th – Philadelphia Phillies

Thursday, July 5th – Minnesota Twins

Friday, July 6th – Minnesota Twins

Saturday, July 7th – Minnesota Twins

Sunday, July 8th – Minnesota Twins

Monday, July 9th – New York Yankees

Tuesday, July 10th – New York Yankees

Wednesday, July 11th – New York Yankees

Friday, July 13th – Texas Rangers

Saturday, July 14th – Texas Rangers

Sunday, July 15th – Texas Rangers

ALL STAR BREAK – July 16th to July 19th

Friday, July 20th – Toronto Blue Jays

Saturday, July 21st – Toronto Blue Jays

Sunday, July 22nd – Toronto Blue Jays

Monday, July 23rd – Boston Red Sox

Tuesday, July 24th – Boston Red Sox

Wednesday, July 25th – Boston Red Sox

Thursday, July 26th – Tampa Bay Rays

Friday, July 27th – Tampa Bay Rays

Saturday, July 28th – Tampa Bay Rays

Sunday, July 29th – Tampa Bay Rays

Tuesday, July 31st – New York Yankees


Wednesday, August 1st – New York Yankees

Thursday, August 2nd – Texas Rangers

Friday, August 3rd – Texas Rangers

Saturday, August 4th – Texas Rangers

Sunday, August 5th – Texas Rangers

Tuesday, August 7th – Tampa Bay Rays

Wednesday, August 8th – Tampa Bay Rays

Thursday, August 9th – Tampa Bay Rays

Friday, August 10th – Boston Red Sox

Saturday, August 11th – Boston Red Sox

Sunday, August 12th – Boston Red Sox

Tuesday, August 14th – New York Mets

Wednesday, August 15th – New York Mets

Friday, August 17th – Cleveland Indians

Saturday, August 18th – Cleveland Indians

Sunday, August 19th – Cleveland Indians

Monday, August 20th – Toronto Blue Jays

Tuesday, August 21st – Toronto Blue Jays

Wednesday, August 22nd – Toronto Blue Jays

Friday, August 24th – New York Yankees

Saturday, August 25th – New York Yankees

Sunday, August 26th – New York Yankees

Monday, August 27th – Toronto Blue Jays

Tuesday, August 28th – Toronto Blue Jays

Wednesday, August 29th – Toronto Blue Jays

Friday, August 31st – Kansas City Royals


Saturday, September 1st – Kansas City Royals

Sunday, September 2nd – Kansas City Royals

Monday, September 3rd – Seattle Mariners

Tuesday, September 4th – Seattle Mariners

Wednesday, September 5th – Seattle Mariners

Friday, September 7th – Tampa Bay Rays

Saturday, September 8th – Tampa Bay Rays

Sunday, September 9th – Tampa Bay Rays

Tuesday, September 11th – Oakland Athletics

Wednesday, September 12th – Oakland Athletics

Thursday, September 13th – Oakland Athletics

Friday, September 14th – Chicago White Sox

Saturday, September 15th – Chicago White Sox

Sunday, September 16th – Chicago White Sox

Monday, September 17th – Toronto Blue Jays

Tuesday, September 18th – Toronto Blue Jays

Wednesday, September 19th – Toronto Blue Jays

Friday, September 21st – New York Yankees

Saturday, September 22nd – New York Yankees

Sunday, September 23rd – New York Yankees

Monday, September 24th -Boston Red Sox

Tuesday, September 25th -Boston Red Sox

Wednesday, September 26th -Boston Red Sox

Thursday, September 27th -Houston Astros

Friday, September 28th -Houston Astros

Saturday, September 29th -Houston Astros

Sunday, September 30th -Houston Astros

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