How My Home Sold in 48 Hours

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How my home sold in 48 hours | The Pivec Group

How can I get my home sold quick?

Selling your home is a huge commitment – one that many people put off for awhile. What if my house doesn’t sell? What if I don’t get the full asking price? Do I even really want to sell my home? There are a lot of worries when it comes to selling your home.

Working for a real estate group, I have come across homes that sit on the market and homes that sell quickly. It made me wonder…why do some homes sell faster than others? It made me think back to when I was younger and how my childhood home sold in just 48 hours. Yes…48 hours.  I was young, so I didn’t really think anything of it, but as I think back to it, there were five clear strategies that my mother used to make sure our home sold quick.

Timing is

You might have heard this statement before, and it holds true in real estate. I lived in a very ‘cookie-cutter’ neighborhood. Every house looked the same inside and out, with the exception of exterior construction material (i.e. Brick, Siding, etc.). A house on the same street was for sale and took several months to close. But why, considering our home sold in 48 hours? He listed his home for sale in December…right before Christmas.

There are some people who buy homes in the Winter, but peoples schedules (including real estate professionals) are most likely full due to the holidays. Stress levels are higher, finances are tight. It’s just not the optimal time to list your home for sale.

We listed our home in the beginning of March, which is technically still Winter. But, it’s the turn of Spring – the weather starts feeling warmer and people venture out. What’s even better, people are receiving their tax refunds.

Clear the clutter.

I have a sister, so you can imagine the amount of toys and the amount of “stuff” my mother had to pack to de-clutter our home.

Think of it this way, you’re moving anyways so use the ‘de-cluttering’ as preliminary packing. As a result, you can keep your house clean and tidy for showings, while getting a jump on packing.

Sniff it out.

We’ve all walked into homes where you’re immediately hit by a stench – whether it’s a smelly meal, animals, or smoke. The wrong smell can turn away potential homebuyers. I cannot tell you how many times we get showing feedback on our listings about a strong smell, even though we urge the homeowner to air it out.

How my home sold in 48 hours | The Pivec GroupI went on a few home showings with my mom. This may sound weird, but I remember one home smelt like cookies. I don’t know if the homeowner baked cookies before the showing or burned a cookie-scented candle. We didn’t end up buying that home, but, either way, the house stood out in my mind – even to this day.

Buying a few scented candles and burning them before or during a showing is always a good idea. You want to appeal to as many senses as possible for showings. The pleasant smell, alone, might not be what potential homebuyers list as positives for your home, but your house will stick out on a subconscious level because it appealed to their nose.

Let there be light.

Before showing your home, open up all of the blinds and turn on all of the lights. Walking through a dark home makes the house feel gloomy and can leave a negative impression.

It’s also a good idea to turn on all of the lights before a photography shoot. The photos are an important, if not the most important, part of advertising your home. Your home has one chance to make a good first impression with buyers. This is why professional photographs are so important. If the pictures are blurry and out-of-focus, buyers will move on to other listings—before seeing the house in person!

Neutralize the decor and paint colors.

My mom loves themes. Our kitchen was completely decked out in a Wine theme and the bathroom was always changing, depending on the season.

If one of your rooms is heavily themed, consider packing up those items before you list. Again, think of it as preliminary packing. I’m not saying that your ocean-themed bathroom is hideous, but it is hard for a potential homebuyer to envision a different style in a spot that is heavily themed.

Of course, a change in color of a bathroom wall or kitchen cabinet is a simple fix for a potential home buyer. However, it would be even more beneficial for you to change it before listing to avoid turning off that picky buyer.


Remember, advertising your home is important, too. Ensure that your real estate agent has a thorough and proven marketing plan to get your home sold fast with the least amount of hassle!


Are you thinking of buying or selling a home, or have a friend or family member who is? Contact The Pivec Group today by calling 443-692-8800 or visiting our website! We look forward to hearing from you and helping you find YOUR dream home!How my home sold in 48 hours | The Pivec Group